Joining … NaHaiWriMo … February … Day One

Thanks to Yousei Hime at Shiteki Na Usagi I am joining NaHaiWriMo and pasting my daily haiku on to their Face Book page. I have had it on authority that starting three days into the month is quite acceptable.

So, today

eggplants fall to the ground unripe – dry windy heat

photo from the MorgueFile

5 thoughts on “Joining … NaHaiWriMo … February … Day One

    • Yousei thank you so very much. You wrote two comments here, both of which I approved but the other simply won’t show up. You are a real encouragement. I love your blog and the draw is the gentleness that your words and painting exude. I was so glad to get notification of your post today! It was just what I needed. Thank you.

  1. Raven,
    Thank you for the very same things. I greedily gobble every crumb of encouragement that falls in my lap these days. I really appreciate your comments, visits, and observations. Those are what inspire us to keep blogging, aren’t they? I’ll be over to read more haiku tomorrow. Off to bunny bed.

Your words of response are greatly appreciated.

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