10 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo … Day 26

    • Sherry, I started this because it was and is all that I truly have energy for. But I love it and have always loved haiku. My other blog will always be my primary blog, I just don’t currently have the health or the energy … and I am bummed about it because after 3 surgeries I had thought that I had it licked. (((hugs))).

    • I know … I am glad that you had a chance to visit her. In many respects she has kept me going in terms of “blogging” this past month. (((hugs))) honey.

  1. Liz – I am so sorry you are still not feeling up to par. Sending you healing energies with love. Thank you for the bread crumb to your Haiku blog — I didn’t realize you had it. I look forward to perusing it.

    This is a lovely one to start with. Many blessings to you ~~ becca

    • Dear friend … please keep sending. Yesterday was good. Today has been very good so far. So your healing energies are working. I am really looking forward to getting rid of this and coming out so to speak and communing with everyone again. This Haiku Blog is very good for me now. Thank you for coming. (((hugs))) to you. 😉

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