2 thoughts on “March 3rd 2012 … Haiku prompt “doll.”

  1. Jamie … no, just sounds sad. I am not into prompts or dolls. But this month I have decided to do the prompts. So, I was in bed thinking what am I going to Haiku about with this “doll” prompt? I thought of a By-Low baby that was given to me as a youth. No, that would not work.

    When I started my store, I did so because of the brand of clothing that I wore … and the store that carried it having closed. I lived in Flax of Flax Designs. Suddenly I recalled that I had two Flax Dolls upstairs. Each season one could purchase the same clothing for dolls that was made for people (my grand daughter). I had two dolls with clothing so … I thought it made a good Haiku. And in reality it did. A photo would have made the Haiku have more sense, but I was not up for it.

Your words of response are greatly appreciated.

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