March 4th … Haiku prompt “the death of someone.”

noh mask maker loses family to tsunami – creates masks to commemorate loved ones

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I, as you can tell am still very interested in this word “Noh.” Above is a factual piece. Yesterday, I read about just such a gentleman in an Asian Newspaper called S.T. Breaking News/Asia

9 thoughts on “March 4th … Haiku prompt “the death of someone.”

  1. wonderful pieces of writing there. Did you post a piece? I didn’t see it! A few years ago I read a story (can’t remember now!) where one of the characters was a Noh mask maker. It was fascinating. If I can recall the name of the book I’ll let you know. I know it was Asian fiction and it was a very good story.

    • Thank you … in the link there is a photo of him holding one of the masks as he stands in front of the exhibition of his masks commemorating the loss of his family.

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