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  1. Liz, thanks for expressing what I felt but didnt know how to put into words. I have long been intimidated by prompts, strict formats, and especially syllabic word counts because they are confining and my poems generally want to be free of fetters. I love haiku, but what I love most about it is the ESSENCE, the feeling one gets from the words, as you are describing here. I am sorry you have been so ill and that somehow I didnt understand how bad it was, so I could be more supportive. Good for you doing a haiku a day even so. Really interesting post today, kiddo. I love your reference to “old mind” and “haiku mind”. Hee hee.

    • My friend, how sweet you are. I am still on steroids which have made me feel good (about 12 days). I am really fearful of when I come off. I had better damned well be well.

      You are right about “essence.”

      One of the reason that I love your poetry is because it is “free form.” See you around soon. And many thanks for all the love and good thoughts.

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