Fukushima – Haibun

I met Taro Aizu on Facebook. He is a haiku poet of five years. His home is Fukushima.  Although he has cousins there, he has moved.  I read his story: My Hometown, Fukushima. This story was done in the Japanese story/poem tradition of haibun, yet the poem itself looks like a tanka. He spoke of the tradition of Obon. He spoke of his hesitation to return due to the Cesium, invisible, everywhere. He forgot his dosimeter during his visit.  Because he writes so beautifully and because it is the heartbreak of Fukushima … I was there within his story.

fukushima blanket of cesium – taro returns for obon

Photo Credit Taro Aizu “My Hometown, Fukushima”

16 thoughts on “Fukushima – Haibun

  1. I will go over and read his story now Liz. I can’t even imagine the displacement and heartbreak these families must feel. Your words are so heartfelt and beautiful in an agonizing way. {hugs}

  2. I read it too, Liz, had come across it myself. So sad – the peach, the growing rice fields, the invisible threat………….I couldnt find a place to comment on his site. Such a beautiful heart he has.

    • Hi dear one … my daughter comes tomorrow. I am so excited! 3 nights. Had to get towed today, no car … heck I love that. No Car? Can’t go anywhere. Can’t find my phone? Don’t have to talk to anyone. Thanks for reading dear friend, yes, he has inspired me. Tremendously.

    • Thank you , Sherry.
      I don’t live in Fukushima now. I live in Kanangawa near Tokyo. But I worry about Fukushima because I was born in Fukushima. i worry about it whenever i watch the news on TV or newspapers because i love my hometown,Fukushima.

  3. Raven, you are not posting on your other blog. You must still be unwell. I’m so sorry. Holding you in heart and prayer.

    Thank you for this recommendation. Will follow through.


    • Indeed it is engrossing and well written. I emailed it to my son. He is enamored of all things Japanese and also always interested in how things are going there.

      The longing for Fukashima the way it was tears at the heart.
      Come back
      Come bak
      My former Fukashima


      • Explorations in Sacred Space and your son

        Thank you for your sincere comments. I’ll tell you the true meaning of Fukushima in japanese. “Fuku” means ” happiness” and “shima” means “island” in Japanese. So Fukushima meant ” Island of Happiness” but now it means “Island of Unhapiness.” But i have hope by cleaning the cesium in Fukushima! Please help Fukushima !

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