Sunday Trees & Haiku

fog reshaping trees – shrouds of spring mist

This month of April we are prompted to pay attention and utilize traditional “kigo” words in our haiku. There are what I shall refer to as banks of kigo words to draw from. Today’s word translated into English, that I have chosen is “spring mist.” The photo came first. I walked out upon my deck mid-level with the trees to find myself enshrouded in fog. I thought again about “Sunday Trees” and took the photo … one to be used for both Sunday Trees and April 1st’s haiku.  Sunday Trees are a tradition begun by Isabel Doyle of Written In Exile and shared in by myself and Becca Givens of On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea as a tribute to the importance of trees.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Trees & Haiku

  1. Oh yes! I like this…what a view too. Good picture and verse Liz 🙂 I have a hay(na)ku scheduled with a tree picture sometime this month. I think I’m a tree-hugger…LOL Drippy trees, however, are best viewed from the deck with coffee!

  2. Trees and mists go well together. Whatever the season or climate, trees in mist gives a feeling of being in nature’s breath when one is among them. Thanks for sharing this, really beautiful.

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