NaHaiWriMo April 2nd Prompt: Rain

gentle spring rain – flowers vibrant foliage full

I looked through many photos for one of rain. Of course, then remembering that I don’t hang out in the rain taking photos … I started looking for a wee bit of gentle rain left upon flowers and foliage. I remembered Kuchi Rumi high in the Andes in Peru. This magnificent place that we spent 3 nights recuperating in, has lovely cabins on grounds that were so beautifully planted that one would never forget them. They were abundant with flora.  We were recuperating from the high altitudes of of La Paz … about 13,000 FT. above sea level.  Might I say nauseatingly so … pun fully intended.  They also had a rather unique visitor. Unique in that it came by in large quantities, Hummingbirds everywhere. I did find an early morning photo with remnants of a gentle rain.

6 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo April 2nd Prompt: Rain

  1. that’s such a gorgeous picture Liz! and the verse sounds like a wonderful way to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, or two and smell the fragrance from the flowers. 🙂

    No wonder you were sick, coming to altitude from close to sea level no doubt. We have people who come here to the Rockies on vacation and drop dead of a heart attack because of the altitude! Even visitors to our house feel the effects (we’re at 8300 feet). What a beautiful place to recover in though–sounds breathtaking!

  2. I would have loved to see the Andes and Peru this lifetime. How wonderful. I always have fuschia blooming in season. And we get a kazillion hummingbirds who put on air shows for us every evening.

    But! Today it is SNOWING! Again. Still. Would someone please call Maintenance to fix the thermostat? It is stuck on winter.

    • You are lucky to have fuchsia … I love them and kill them. We have masses of heat in the summer even in the shade. And we have one couple of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that come back annually. I love them.

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