NaHaiWriMo April 4th … prompt, seasonal creature.

june bug upside down – six weeks early

I have been instructed to use as my prompt a spring animal.  I am also to allow this use of a kigo to flow from both my experience and my imagination.  Today, after having seen a real June bug I sensed it’s terrible earliness.  Then on the news tonight there was the mention of this phenomena … and yes, the June bug is 6 weeks early.  Personally I find this quite fightening.  So, I have a summer kigo word ( found in the June bug) appearing 6 weeks early … in spring.

4 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo April 4th … prompt, seasonal creature.

  1. The weather and seasons are no longer the same as years ago. Even here, temperatures are on average higher, and the rainfall heavier and rains heavily at times of the year where it is expected to be sunnier.

  2. Ravenblack I have been reading that there is scientific evidence found recently (In what I believe are referred to as “blue holes” – but don’t quote me) that predicts that massive climate changes can no longer be thought to be years and years away but ,as old as I am, they will be here in my lifetime. These blue holes are the deepest places within the ocean visited by climatologists deep sea diving.

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