7 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo April 12th prompt “swing.”

    • That last post you commented on was supposed to go on my drafts only blog, a private blog. I used one of those quick post options and didn’t pay attention to the blog it was posting to. Sorry. I switched it to the right blog, but wanted to respond to your comment. The haiku you saw was just a version of your swing haiku. I liked it so well I wanted to play with it and see what I could come up with. I won’t post it or anything until I’ve made it my own. Imitation and flattery and all that. 😉

      • Yousei, It’s funny … I have concluded that this is the only good haiku that I have written. I am not being hard on myself. I am really devoting time and effort to study haiku now. I purchased the Haiku Almanac … pretty much on kigo usage and seasonal words. It is very helpful. It is from reading other’s haiku and reading several books that I made my conclusion. I am sorry about the difficulty posting and of course VERY FLATTERED that you like that haiku. And you know what? It was real. I saw the prompt “swing” which did not inspire and then those words tumbled out. And it just feels right.

        Right now as I said, I am studying. I am also reading others in my circle but I am not currently posting. I say that because don’t come looking for something to read and catch up on. Thank you so much for your support. Liz

        • I think studying is some of the best bits. I’m actually glad there is nothing to catch up on because I’m absurdly behind in reading. I look forward to the fruits of your labors. Haiku Handbook is another good reference (Higginson).

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