NaHaiWriMo – May 4th prompt “ruby.” Gogyohshi & Haiku


with rapid wing activity

and weight gain

the tiny ruby throated flies annually  

as do all hummingbirds

farther than any other winged friend


hovering in mid air feeding at a red trumpet – ruby throated hummingbird

Photo courtesy of Russ Thompson at Photo Bucket.

One thought on “NaHaiWriMo – May 4th prompt “ruby.” Gogyohshi & Haiku

  1. An homage to the hummingbird … one of our favs. Thank you for this. Lovely.

    Well it has been a dear visit with you, Liz. You’ve made be think and smile and I love you for it. Nearly 3 a.m. here. I’d best get some sleep while I can.

    FYI: If you are a Sendak fan, this is playing on Hulu ~

    Wishing you all the best, Liz.

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