NaHaiWriMo – May 6th prompt: the Sea and Magpie Tales


Haiku – for NaHaiWriMo

barefoot in the sea – hermit crab tickles my foot


Gogyohshi – for Magpie Tales

serene and scenic the river is peaceful

i dangle my toes into the water’s coolness

i know that today is for thinking of peace

i wonder

will there ever be peace in sudan

Photo of Stainforth River by Irwell prompt for Magpie Tales



18 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo – May 6th prompt: the Sea and Magpie Tales

  1. you ask a tough question there in the end…we live in a world that seems to repel peace…or maybe that is us…great take on the pic…

    i was a musician years ago…smiles.

    • Brian I believe in once a musician alway a musician. I long for peace in this world. I know a great deal about war and it’s evil. But even today my husband calls me “his little warrior” because I am in his words at war with the world.

  2. After air we need water. No wonder rivers are a place we gather and feel secure.
    Love the poem and share the hope. I would say to Jj, that peace might be expensive, but here in the atomic age, we can no longer afford war.

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