NaHaiWriMo May 17th Haibun and Haiku prompt: voice

During early summer evenings we love to sit high above the ground amongst the trees on our deck. We will have desert and a “nip” while we are mesmerized watching the Chimney Swifts or Swallows. True aerialists, they feed high above the trees on evening insects, their twittering vocals sometimes shrill and keen. A true bug-fest that ends as the sun goes down. Then all becomes calm and the insects begin their song.

swallows twittering above the foliage – last meal of the day

Photo Credit: Photobucket

Haiku (own voice – the real prompt)
summer evening singing – sounding like an old vacuum cleaner

3 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo May 17th Haibun and Haiku prompt: voice

    • It is so grounding isn’t it Brian? We have just a postage stamped size yard but there is a lot of nature and life there. Enjoy your stay upon the porch.

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