NaHaiWriMo May 22nd Haiku Prompt: Ink.

Writing haiku is for me, a real challenge. This is why I study haiku and write one haiku daily. The first thing that english speaking peoples often think of when they think about haiku is the 5-7-5 syllable count. The expression syllable count is a misnomer … or an inaccuracy. I am of the school of no 5-7-5. One should be inspired about ones subject, one needs to use a kigo (season word) and the goal in haiku is to bring the two parts of your haiku together to cause a bit of an aha moment for your reader. These are my words, they more than likely would not do in a haiku instructional manual.

When using a prompt, the work becomes more difficult. One needs to visualize, one needs to be inspired. And “oh dear,” I am not inspired by the prompt ink … so this has been a difficult haiku. The first thing that I thought of was tattoo ink and tattoos. Long ago in ancient Japan tattoo ink was made of among other things leek juice, also a property of the actual process of tattooing. So, there you have it.

The following photo was taken from James Young of Japanese Tattoos

under a parasol washing the skin with leek juice – a new tattoo

8 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo May 22nd Haiku Prompt: Ink.

  1. I would probably have ‘passed’ on this one–but you did it! And beautifully!! I had no idea about the use of leek juice for tatoos. !!

    What book are you using to study haiku? I have one by Lee Gurga and another by William J. Higginson. It’s probably a bit more information than I require but still, I’m learning a lot.

    Good post Liz! xox

    • Thanks Jeannie! I actually work quite hard at this. Do me a favor … send me an email and ask me about haiku studies … I am not at home and I will forget thia comment. Thanks.

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