Door or Entry Ways of China

I was deeply touched by something that Ann Emerson wrote this AM at Into the Bardo.  It was just a few words of one line of her poem “Keeping Watch.”  The words are: “may our gratitude for another new day be unprecedented and contagious.” 

I have always been inspired by doors or entryways … places that people pass through.  For me a doorway is a metaphor.  Perhaps one enters as one person and comes out on the other side as a different person, even a new person.  Following are photos of entryways encountered in China.  When I look at them I think about all of those who have passed through these doors before me.  I think of the sadness or happiness the “passers through” had known.  I think of ritual.
Ritual can be a healing practice, it can be public or private, large or small.  Perhaps with each passage that I make through a doorway I can practice gratitude.  I notice of late that I do not practice enough gratitude.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I believe that this is a good idea.   
These photos were taken in Beijing, Xian, the Great Wall and The French Concession (of Shanghai) in 2006.


9 thoughts on “Door or Entry Ways of China

  1. Liz, I appreciate your thoughts about the value of doorways, when viewing life itself. Rather like pathways and in my own case, I attach a lot of importance to trees which have in their own, silent way, will have witnessed much…Thank you for sharing those beautiful images.Best Wishes,Eileen

  2. Judith thank you for your kind words. I have a number of "door" series. My most colorful from Peru. I think that you are right. They are an important symbol … one that is relatively easy for many to relate to.

  3. Hi Eileen … so good to see you! So good. I am with you about trees! I actually used to go out during my lunch hour and run negative energy thru a tree into the ground. I kind of stopped … I am going to begin again and I invite you to do so. We put upon Sundays Sunday Trees. Just a photo of a tree we love and maybe write about it. Isabel of "Living In Exile" started doing this. She has not been around for several months. I am worried about her. Becca of On Dragon Fly Wings and Butter Cup Tea does it to.

  4. LIZ!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY to see Crowsfete back. I am rushing, today has been hectic, but tomorrow morning will be back to properly savor these offerings. I yearn for the Great Wall. LOVE what you say about using passing through doors as moments of gratitude…….COOL!I will be back.

  5. I am back, enjoying these wonderful photos once again. Still digging portals being opportunities for gratitude. I always feel so grateful coming into my little cozy space………….

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