June 17th Sunday Tree – Japanese Black Pine – Gratitude

Sometimes there are good people who touch your life in a spiritual manner.  You meet them on line.  Their goodness effects you in such a manner that they touch you spiritually.  Their combined spirit has the power to draw your spirit back, as it had been wandering about lost for a bit.
Those persons who have done this are important to me for unknowingly (or knowingly) they have assisted me in regaining my true sense of spiritual self through their own large and loving spirits.  We can always learn from others be it through their actions or writings.  This Sunday Tree is a thank you to Sherry, Jaime, Jeannie, Becca, Ravenblack, Brian and Amy.
It is dedicated to Isabel who started the idea of Sunday Trees and who I have missed … she has not been on her blog since April, I believe.

9 thoughts on “June 17th Sunday Tree – Japanese Black Pine – Gratitude

  1. Oh, thank you, my friend, for the kind words, and the tree, a lovely being to look upon on a Sunday morning. And OMG! I just looked over and saw your incredibly cute child's face on your facebook badge! A shapeshifter in training! I always worry when an online friend goes silent, one wonders if they are okay. I hope your friend reappears.

  2. A lovely tree. Thank you for your presence, dear friend, and your kind words. I always come away from your posts feeling refreshed and humbled. Thank you for that.I too hope your friend is alright and re-establishes contact.

  3. Ravenblack, I am grateful for your presence. Some people whom you never meet … they just always put out very good energy and you are one of those people.I hope she does too.

  4. OMG — you are such a delight — the open door is "keeping the flow" back and forth!! Thank you!! I also appreciate you introducing me to Sunday Trees ~~ it is one of the highlights of my blogging week (week # 31)!! xo

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