10 thoughts on “June 24th …

    • You are very funny … and have me chuckling. I have two blogs the other is Crows Fete at Google Blogger. That may have been the one that you had difficulty commenting upon. When one blogs with one format (Word Press) boy it can be really difficult to get the hang of commenting on another format – Blogger. Thanks Amy.

  1. Amazing photograph . We tell ourselves we have science and we will still have control over nature…as if science was some kind of miracle wand in our hold. What is science but the mere very, very slow process of unravelling the teeny weeny tip of the proverbial iceberg. At least Newton had the humility to accept that what he had discovered was a mere pebble when the entire ocean lay before him , mysterious and undiscovered. This bit of information about the mosquito only proves that. thanks for sharing this.

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