21 thoughts on “Summer Solstice …

  1. Summer solstice heralds LOUD thunderstorms, like we are having right now! and lots of other crazy summer weather…..I loved your mosquito haiga…

  2. Wow.

    Soul Dipper remarked on the photo and I had to slip over and take a peek–holycow it’s a powerful photo.
    (hope you don’t mind the drop in….)

  3. I am glad you found Tackle It Tuesday and joined in the new fun!!
    Love the simplicity of this style even though I still cannot wrap my brain around it — and I enjoy the layers of it !! Big Hugs!!

  4. Welcome to “Tackle It Tuesday” Raven. I am so glad to see that you have submitted a haiku on Summer Solstice. This haiku is very nice, shorter than short, but I love it.

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