For Tackle it Tuesday, July 31st prompt “Holy Isle.”

A very appropriate prompt for me right now … for I am running around in circles almost choosing to be stressed out!  Oh my, Holy Isle is quite a lovely site, worthy of a visit, it can be found here.  It is a Buddhist Retreat at the top of the world … well at the top of Scotland.  Please do visit.

holy isle the buddha living in each sound – far from me 

Haiku for Tackle It Tuesday.

Photo Credit Holy Isle

17 thoughts on “For Tackle it Tuesday, July 31st prompt “Holy Isle.”

  1. When I am stressed (which rarely happens now that I don’t work!), if I can, I go outside – change of venue helps. Or I take deep belly-breaths til I can feel my body relax. Or, I read lovely poetry, like yours!

    • 4Joy I love the comment you initially make about not being stressed so much anymore because you are retired. That is why I am stressed (said somewhat tongue in cheek). THX.

    • Brian, that IS the thing to do. And I know it. Sadly if I have a deadline, generally self imposed I begin the stress thing. I have changed so much about my life that needed changing but not all. I guess that it is a work in progress sort of thing.

  2. Now that I am no longer working, I see how others think they are working hard. If I don’t get my nose back into my business instead of listening to their whinging, I’ll get stressed.

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