Tidepools initially a prompt for NaHaiWriMo are special places of beauty and calm to me.  But tidepools offer significant difficulties for those who live within their boundaries.  Tidepools are formed close to the movements of the ocean tides near the beach.  They are separate little pools near and next to the ocean.  The tides come in and out filling and emptying the pools and changing the saltiness, temperature and water level of the pools.  Some creatures living there are washed in and out with the tides movement.  The tidepool is made up of mostly invertibrates a simple form of life.

“Three basic laws of survival rule life in the tidepool:

1)keep from being washed away by the waves at high tide

2)keep from drying out by the sun at low tide

3) keep from being eaten”

Thank you to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute at their website: Katadin to the Sea  for this information.  Please note that the information regarding survival is a direct quote from the site.  I will be writing a haibun and haiku for the prompt: tidepool at NaHaiWriMo derived from the information above.

The following photo was taken by Tom Clark in 2001 and can be found on his blog “Sundays in Laguna,” referring to Laguna Beach, California:



Beautiful tiny lakes created from oceans just happen to be formed primarily where oceans have rocky outcroppings.  These lovely and often serene pools are filled with anemones, crustations and all manner of unique life due to changing topography and changing water solutions.  The creatures that live successfully in tidepools must daily adapt to salination changes, dryness changes and have the strength to literally hang on when tides are sweeping out to sea.



sitting close to the tidepools – the cormorant fishes in deeper waters


Shared at dVerse ~ Poets Pub OpenLinkNight ~ Week 57 


21 thoughts on “Tidepools

    • Claudia, you are so very correct. Nature has so much to teach us about living (and perhaps dying). When we live in an urban setting as do I we lose a lot.

  1. Thanks for the info on tidepools….those creatures are very resilient and adaptable ~

    As to the form, the haibun is made up of prose and haiku. I noted that the haiku is stated in one line, all of two phrases. I thought it would be more effective if you break it into three lines ~ Hope you don’t mind ~

    • Heaven, I do not mind at all. I vacillate between using one broken line and three. I have been studying haiku now since February, especially through NaHaiWriMo – Michael Dylan Welsh’s place upon Facebook. This means that I am sort of growing up in the “no 5-7-5” school of American haiku. Thanks.

  2. There are many tidepools in the area in which I love. You have inspired me to check them out. I don’t think I ever have actually. I enjoyed this piece, the three rules, the photo … Thanks for the inspiration.

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