The Mag 136 – Haibun

Flying Down 2006 by David Salle


In the middle of this painting is the swirl.  It dominates the painting and my psyche, taking me back to a second spiritual experience that I had within my lifetime.  As you can see in the painting … this experience turned my life upside down, represented by the duck.  I became very focused and I began to see life differently as defined by the women in the painting looking clearly back at you.  The first actual and real response to my experience was to make myself learn to fly at sixty years of age.  Flying, something that at that time I did regularly, was beginning to frighten me more and more.  This fear began after 911 … and I might add is not unusual after one reaches forty years of age.


flying 1947 luscombe 8 tail dragger – no fear

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24 thoughts on “The Mag 136 – Haibun

  1. OMG, you FLEW???????!!!!!!!! Talk about facing one’s fears to the max. Way to be! I would not be that brave. Plus, anyone who let me be in charge of the dashboard of a plane would have to be certifiable, hee hee. Mr Magoo Hits the Peaks!!!!!

    • Hi tootsie … yes, scared to death. I learned but did not get a license. That was not the point. Ha! I just sold my David Clark headphones this past weekend. I loved it but it is a wealthy man’s hobby.

  2. You are the gutsiest lady I know! Surely, the life changing spiritual experience you mentioned must have been deeply profound to have you facing your fears head on like this. Did you feel more capable and strong for other life challenges afterward? I think you are awesome Liz. xox

    • Oh, Jeannie, you are so kind. It was indeed profound. It was also very difficult … hard to keep my feet on the ground, lasted about 6 weeks. I knew very well that it looked as though I was crazy but I knew that was not so. It is a time when I learned a great deal about war and the reason that I became involved with veterans. Thank you.

  3. I have been dealing with fear of a different kind lately and so relate to your free verse you’ve written here. An awakening for me was when someone said that it wasn’t the fear to either deny or overcome, but struggle through. In that I would show courage rather than ‘no fear’. Cheers

    • That sounds very sensible and the best thing to do. Fear can be paralyzing or in my case always a “hurdle” It is also never really about what it seems. Thank you Shers. The choice of words: “no fear” were literally “poetic license.”

  4. so very cool that you learned to fly…even if you did not get your license…and facing that fear had to be a huge break through for you as well…love how you worked your story into the various elements of the picture…

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