Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday September 27th 2012 – Willingness

Political season comes along and any discord within me seems to bubble up to the surface all aimed as hatred at the Republican Party and their candidates.

I have very eloquently and articulately insulted half the United States in the past month or two with snide comments upon Face book. So apparently I have used the heart for purposes of hate rather than love.

I believe it to be sinful to use your heart for hatred. Some of those people, at whom I aimed my political ire are people who have been constant here in my life. Constant. That means that they have been caring, loyal and never wavering. So, I have hurled insults and hatred into the faces of people who have cared about me. I am sorry for having done that. I have had a slight shift in thinking of late. Gratefully that shift in thinking came to me about 10 days ago, so that I could stop my political nonsense and use the heart for what it was meant for, a tool of love.

This is one of those times for me to refocus and move my focus one millionth of an inch to the right or left, up or down in order to see more clearly and to think differently. It is time for me to change or to shape shift as it is known in indigenous cultures. It is time to take control, time to take back my power, time to view the world through a loving lens instead of a hateful one. And believe it or not it is easier than you might think. One simply needs to be willing. Just one millionth of an inch … that is how long willingness is. Being willing to change is half the battle. Being willing is an act of one’s will. The change you desire to make will follow by the grace of spirit.

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19 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday September 27th 2012 – Willingness

  1. Thank goodness we only need to make the decision to be willing and it begins to happen. That millionth of an inch simply takes off. I like what Paulo Coehlo said: “When you truly want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

    Thank goodness for small (?) mercies.

  2. oy…ok, i struggle with much of the same…not a big republican fan these days and think some pretty nasty thoughts as some of the things being bandied about….loving how your shift is playing out as well…

  3. I am not surprised to come in and read this right after penning a poem on a similar theme…….about Bodhisattvas………..it is REALLY hard to love those who we find dangerous to the survival of the planet. I’m definitely not There yet…….but yes, somehow we need to beam positive energy to counterbalance all that negative stuff out there and hope that enough of us will finally manage to Shift this stubborn global consciousness, so set in its ways:) Great write, Sis.

  4. Oh, I know it’s a simple choice to BE willing–and I recognize the pain I create for me and others until I GET willing……eventually. I sometimes wish there was that annoying alert that huge trucks have when they’re going backwards attached to ME when I start my inching away from all that I truly AM……

    Bless your heart for what you shared here, for the inventory taking of YOU instead of the fingerpointing….for the rigorousness of your honestly and the willingness to shift to where you truly long and desire to be.
    And thank you for letting me read here.
    Be safe, stay well……

    • mell, thank you for your lovely comments. There was a we bit of work done before I actually saw that I needed to be willing. I put out there: “OK it is time for me to make some changes … what do they need to be?” So, I had set up the premise. And that is the real reason that willingness came easily. Many thanks for you kind words.

  5. Oh, Raven, I’ve felt that shift too, of late. But it has been in my personal circle, rather than the political arena. Family and friends have tested me lately and I got up there on my high horse thinking ‘how dare they?’ And ‘I’ll show them!’ But that’s not loving to myself or them and only fuels already inflamed situations. It’s not easy to change perspective, but, as you say, you only need to be willing and the change will happen! Great ‘Occupy’ post, thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Wightrabbit so good to see you. I will say that you have it a lot tougher than I. Having to change oneself within the context of family is really not easy at all. All kinds of stuff rears its ugly head that becomes so much more personal. But isn’t it wonderful to be able to change and have help spiritually doing so. Thank you.

  6. In the end it’s all about choice, isn’t it? Easier to love than hate and that doesn’t mean we don’t use dicernment.

    Well done, dear friend. The perfect “occupy” it must be said.

    Have a fab weekend.


  7. Hi Liz … love your site here … (and the above message: Willingness) I just refreshed my own “page” in “passing by”, probably will never be active though, as in most sites I have signed onto, similar to FaceBook, I still spend the most time at Gather … love ya, j.

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