perhaps a death

war waged over earth
mankind’s greed ever endless
now parched and dying

the question is this
will the crow fly by again
spreading his wisdom

our reality
or is the trickster playing
us with his fox games

Credit: MorgueFiles by SusanTheCat

Posted at dVersePoetryPub Open Link Night # 64

28 thoughts on “perhaps a death

  1. it is hard to tell…depends on who is doing the telling i would say…i have little trust for the men in power that make proclamations out of one corner of their mouthes and give orders out the next….i wish a little wisdom could be gleened…

      • thanks for asking about my FIL…he is doing better…they found the source of the internal bleeding…his asophagus…also live damage, possibly from agent orange in nam as he was not much if at all a drinker…they are finding treatment today and he is in good spirits….family is coming back tonight…will be so great to see them…

    • Claudia sometimes I think that the idea of being optimistic is like hard work I might not mean at the time. Instead I work at putting positive energy out there in the universe. Thank you.

  2. I adore the photo–and the words make me sad.

    But I have hope–we each get a part to bring to the world.
    I think crows know that and fly with purpose and determination.

    • Hi Mel … Crow, Raven, Rook … very bright birds that come with YEARS of mythology and stories. They do fly with great purpose. Did you know that today when studies of wolves are done, scientists (some) automatically do simultaneous studies of crows? There is a long and loving and fascinating history between wolf and crow.

  3. Good question…yes, we’re being played by tricksters alright…but will that crow fly again…yes, for sure! Crows are amazing beings…so intelligent…I love reading stories about how clever they are. Did you see the video going around for awhile about the crow who adopted a kitten? I put it on my blog it was so cool…the crow actually fed the kitten and kept it safe from the road, etc. Just darling…

    • That is a wonderful story. Crows have a vocabulary of 18 words. There is a long history of a loving relationship between crows and wolves … they are always together. I read almost everything that I can about them. Well, I am a Raven … closely connected. Thanks!

  4. Ah, we have had so many things happen that this issue is, I think, at the top of any sane person’s agenda. Well done. You found the perfect photo to illustrate it … so shamanesque! Going to Facebook it …

    Love it. Poem on …

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