Tackle It Tuesday October 9th 2012 Prompt: Morning Dew

Isn’t it fun when someone reads your poem and just thinks that it is nifty … and the words had flowed out of you literally within a few seconds. Is some of your best work that way? Today I struggle and today I have the choice of skipping my haiku day or publishing something that does not make me happy. Hm. We shall choose the latter. I tend not to do 5-7-5 haiku, due to the differences in Japanese word tone counts and English syllable counts, apples and oranges. So my question to you is this: when you count syllables do you find yourself legitimately stretching a word to make it have more syllables? I did it here.

dew drops upon dry
ground creating tiny pools
clear toned cicada

morning dew drops on
trellised chain of hanging gourds
excellent bath mitts

Gratefully placed at Tackle It Tuesday on Chevrefeuille’s delightful blog.

15 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday October 9th 2012 Prompt: Morning Dew

  1. I’m becoming more flexible in syllable count. Perhaps when I understand the Japanese system better I’ll get more particular, but for now, the image in a few precise words is more important than syllables for me. Lovely writing.

  2. Awesome set of haiku. What a joy to read and see the scene in my mind. Gorgeous. To give an answer at your question. I never count the syllables. I think a counted verse looks to artficial and that, in my opinion, isn’t what haiku means to be. Haiku paints a moment as short as the splash of a pebble in the pond. Haiku … well it’s my passion.
    Have you visited my new daily haiku meme on: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com ?

  3. Nicely done. and “yes” and “no” to your question.

    I think by some magic we intuit what the poet is attempting to accomplish and automatically fall into the right cadence.

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