140 – The Mag – October 21st 2012

What a fascinating prompt from Tess at The Mag! Wow! I really look forward to how others respond to this prompt. To be found at Magpie Tales or The Mag.

The Eye

for me
it started in
seventy three
yes a conspiracy
i had become
mind you

it was the year
was published
i was hooked
it was good
it was bad
it was not the

was the beginning
in the twenties
with rockefeller
he and bilderberg
or was that the

greedy pigs
carlyle group
the cfr
today led
by a high school
of my husbands

the evil eye
the eye of god
what is it

all those links to
the new world order
the canadian us mexican pipeline
the nau
one standard
one currency
no standards
no currency

i know its real
but today
i am not sure
that I can
be bothered
there is too
more in life
to focus upon
that is good

17 thoughts on “140 – The Mag – October 21st 2012

  1. Ha, I would guess most are not familiar with the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderburg group. It seems that since all the talk radio chat about them a few decades ago they have faded into the background as far as a topic, as there are more important and relevant things to focus on.

  2. Hi Raven
    It is so very important that we understand how the USA government wants the new order. They have been working on it for so long. I live in Spain and was completely perplexed by a message written on a roundabout ‘NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ in English, I must explain that all the young people here speak and write English. I have since realised that this symbol represents pyramid selling and deals of the elite to steal from the hard working man (or woman). The young people in Spain know this.

Your words of response are greatly appreciated.

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