Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – October 25th 2012

My dear sweet 90 year old father in law sent this to me in an Email today. I loved it so much that I put it up on Facebook. And Becca sweet friend and soul that she is said: this would make a great Occupy Thursday … and BOY IS SHE RIGHT!

So please enjoy:

לעשות ששולחים לי כאלה דברים יפים שאני רוצה לשתפכם בהם…

Shared at Soul Dipper’s Occupy Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – October 25th 2012

  1. Oh how fun! AND it got my little toes tapping. So now, with a smile on my face–I shall go involve himself in a bit of wigglin’ Charleston! HA!

    G’head…..dare ya! 😉

  2. Cheerful. Colorful. Clever. Hate to be a downer though; but to me it just points out the contrast between Isreal and the poverty, discrimiantion, diaspora and genocide the Palestinians are experiencing. I absolutely deplore what happened to the Jews, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

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