To Re-Fresh

barely spring now

like fresh magnolia buds

the heart can refresh

So now, that is what is taking place, now that my heart is refreshing, moving onwards and hopefully upwards, it is time for change in my blogging habits.  I have known for a short amount of time that this must be so.  However, I cannot take credit for the changes that you will see in my blog (that is once I master the technicalities).  I have been working on these technicalities all day and yet, they go un-mastered.  Never mind.  I wish to acknowledge and thank a fellow writer, friend and mentor to many, Jaime Dedes for the changes that I am making.  Her blog can be found here:

1) I will be turning off the comments section.  This will allow me more time to read and enjoy your work.  This will also give me more time to tighten up my own writing.

2) I will create a page where you are welcome to communicate with me.

3) I will be going by my given name: Liz Rice-Sosne (this is needless to say, my idea).

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16 thoughts on “To Re-Fresh

  1. I’m dropping in a comment since it’s my last chance to do so on a post. 😉 It’s hard to remember sometimes, but change can be a very good thing. Enjoy the adventure. I look forward to seeing the magic.

  2. A season of renewal, on all levels. Yes, it is always a challenge, to protect enough time for our writing. I, too, look forward to what germinates. Which reminds me of a quote – that eludes me right now – something about the time of gestation, for a writer, being very much like that of a pregnant woman.

  3. This is nice, more classy and stylish than ever. 🙂

    Love the lines. I think when we see changes in nature, such as changes in season, rain, flowers budding or new leaves, we can feel a little refreshed inside.

  4. Ah, just stopped by to see what your are up to and look how you tried another theme. Elegant! 🙂

    I so look forward to see more of your engaging posts when you are ready.

    Happy days, Liz, and be well …

  5. I do think it is good to evaluate what one is doing within the blogosphere at various times and not just keep the same old status quo. I commend you for taking stock and making changes.

  6. I really wish that I could reply to each comment – BUT I have apparently turned off that part of commenting (don’t know where it is) – sometimes (many times) I wish my blog was still with Blogger. THANKS to each of you.

  7. I am actually responding to your last post on war (catastrophe) for and I was taken with your story; it takes perserverance to do what you have done with your life and I’m glad you found your “bliss”! Remarkable to have an epiphany and realize what brings meaning to one’s life and then do something with it. What an experience it must have been to have him share his with you! I hope you continue writing for a long time. Guess I got in just under the wire re: comments.

  8. hey you…smiles…i am re-freshed a bit myself…
    your war poem is amazing and what a collection that will be…
    without your explanation it is easy to get in reading your words your experience…powerful powerful stuff…

  9. Liz, you incredible woman with so much dignity and grace. I love and respect what you are doing.

    Since the comments are turned off on your last post, may I say that it was great to finally read the parts of your story that you could share.

    I’m fascinated with your experience of “going it alone”. I’ve had various teachers along the way, but not one that was “my teacher” on a specific path with a dedication to my goal (if I had one). I’ve questioned myself about that…was I arrogant? Did I purposely overlook opportunities to ask someone under my nose?

    Anytime I was ready to ask, circumstances changed swiftly. Very strange…

    Also, whenever a major event happened in my life – positive or challenging – I’ve been alone. I’ve wondered about this and decided it was the way to encourage me to “plug in”. I had to trust the Source – I had no choice.

    Now trusting the ego…that’s another story! 😀

    Look forward to reading more, Liz. Many thanks for being you.

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