The All-Star Game

Baseball Memories

Everyone is there, except my husband. My first husband is in Okinawa and I am happy at 20 that he is not in Vietnam. I am living with my in-laws, kind people with a comfortable home and room for both myself and the baby. It is 1967 and I too would soon be in Okinawa. But for now I had found the Saint Louis Cardinals and pretty much had fallen in love. I never missed a game. I could rattle off every stat. Even today, I prefer a baseball game on the radio to TV.

I listened to the All-Star game last night. The lead up was grand and all the emotional stops were pulled out for me, there were many tears. The razzamatazz was wonderful and took me back in time. I went back to my very young adulthood and the love of the game. Then I went back to my childhood. We had left Scarsdale, NY and moved to Vermont. We had to be quiet as it was The World Series and Mummy and Pup seemed to live for The World Series. God, how I love that sound. Of course the Dodgers and the Yankees were playing. The Dodgers had not yet moved to LA. I don’t think it was 54, the Yankees lost the series that year, no, it must have been 55 or 6. It is so hard to remember. We were in the back of the house. Pup was removing the paint from the house. Everyone was working and the radio was jerry-rigged to the electricity coming into the house up in the righthand corner of the terrace under the eves. Mummy and Pup were rivals when it came to the Yankees and the Dodgers. It kind of ended for my father when the Dodgers moved to LA. He was broken hearted. I can still sense his great loss. It was very few years after WWII. I know that his grieving over the loss of the Dodgers was his way of expressing grieving for loss experienced duing the war. I am just sensing this real loss as I write.

summer evening crack of the bat – roar of the crowd

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8 thoughts on “The All-Star Game

  1. i love baseball.

    i grew up watching the cubs but loved the yanks..then they sold my fav player & i realized what greed and empire were…

    i gave up the game for years after that, disillusioned.

    when arizona came into the league i was ready to come back to it…and became a diamondbacks fan…have been since…love going to college games…the smells, the crack of the bat…ah…

    i feel your dad…ugh…

    • Brian I know precisely what you mean about GREED. As a result if we go to a gave we see the Great Grizzlies across the river – triple A. The Diamondbacks, love it! Thank you Brian.

  2. Hi Liz, I remember baseball from the days when I was a kid. I followed the MILWAUKEE BRAVES with my father. I remember Dad used to sit outside in his 1952 blue Plymouth and listen to the games. I listened too in the car with him. Once, I think, we traveled to Milwaukee to actually see a game. I followed batting averages, collected baseball cards. I could still name every player on the BRAVES’ team in those days. Nostalgia. Today the Milwaukee Brewers do poorly. Their star player Ryan Braun denies ‘doping,’ but I think it will prove to be true. So disallusioning really, and for a long time I wanted to believe he was above that. I think the Milwaukee Brewer team could not hold a candle to those Braves of old. As for the Yankees and Dodgers, I didn’t like either (LOL). But do you blame me? LOL. As for the all-star game, I didn’t pay attention to it this year. My dad’s been gone a long time; and I would have liked to listen to it with him in his car.

  3. I love this, Liz. I remember afternoons at my grandma’s waaaaaay back, rocking in the rocking chair and listening to the radio…………I so know what you mean about your father’s grieving of the Dodgers move, also encompassing grief over what he had experienced in WWII. When Pup died, I grieved for him AND for all the ungrieved losses of my life. It was overwhelming but, apparently, necessary:)

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