I have attempted to write here for the last couple of days. I found myself writing in a manner that was too revealing or too self-involved or maudlin or whatever it was that I did not wish to become. Anyway NO words this week just my dog children.


Jax 2009 my favorite photo of him alone (well she was not even here). My he has grayed over the years.


Who could not love this face?


Together – our doggie loves. I think that I have said that cats and dogs must be kept separate. Jax is a hunter (lots of coon-hound) and wishes to eat small furry items. She would be fine without him around but she mimics him. Thus we have gates inside or doors separating them. We love them all to death.

I am redoing the kitchen. I have been doing so for a while. This week and weekend shall be quite busy – so see you next week.

6 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Love seeing your adorable fur-children. 😉
    It is a poignant moment when I first notice the gray in our fur-children!

    How fun — a new kitchen — one day for me!! 😀

  2. I have an affinity for dog pics. Enjoy them muchly! Smiles. And, yes, sometimes it is better to think about what one blogs…if in doubt, best not!

  3. aww cute pups…i want to get one for the boys…i had a hound growing up that was my best friend…we have a cat that sometimes acts like a dog right now…smiles..hope the remodel goes well….

  4. They’re all darling. What a challenge for you and hubby to have to keep them separated. That’s love …

    My first memory of you is reading about how they messed up your house. It’s a dog eat furniture world I guess. Worth it though … I say as I have Grandkitty Gypsy for company these few days. Lovely.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. So many smiles here.

    • It is a dog eat furniture world. The separation is not difficult. The (literally) $26,000 of cat peeing in the furniture bills is what has gotten us. We will never own a couch a gain. We hauled two more out to the alley this spring. I really though that we were done – but yesterday, 2 pillows (I think it is because they are feathered). Bummer.

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