Short Letter To Self

I once was the target of nasty attack. I extricated myself – long ago. For the most part I believe that kindness is the way to go. I made a comment last night – inane. OMG – same attack – same persons all over again. I choose not to respond. But, I am having a difficult time getting it out of my mind. Cattiness, meanness, exclusivity don’t play into my vocabulary. So … I wrote myself a note as a part of Mary’s “letter” prompt.

dear poet within
i am having
a hard time
finding you

you seem
to be lost
why have you been
drawn into

a swirl of negative
energy a small swirl
when there is so much
that is positive

try to find yourself
do not get lost
find the massive
positive that exists

extricate yourself
from this one small
negative spin
from one very

small negative person
it wasn’t worth
it then
it isn’t now

Posted for Mary’s “Letter” at Poets United – Sunday Poetry Pantry.

18 thoughts on “Short Letter To Self

  1. ugh. i am sorry. there is so much positivity, yes, but its easy to get drawn in to these black holes and once you are they def will suck the life out of you…cattiness, meanness and exclusivity…blech, def downers…best to avoid…there are def trolls you have to watch out for…sorry you had to go through it…

  2. Attacks ARE really hard to handle, I think. They can take away your spirit for a time, I think, and it is hard to recuperate. We like to think we are above being able to be taken down again……until it happens again. You are right, it isn’t worth it. But it isn’t easy either.

  3. YES! This poem is my prayer, too. But as we are sensitive humans and are AWARE, perhaps these attacks are harder to brush off. Because we know how things SHOULD be, among people whose consciousness is larger than a lima bean (smiles). Writing this poem hopefully helps you. It helps me. And thankfully tomorrow is another day. Onward, fellow pilgrim!

  4. I am sorry this is happening to you Liz ~ Keep up your chin, go out with positive people and read positive and uplifting books & words ~

    Have a lovely week ahead ~

  5. What an excellent idea to write a poem to the poet within, in order to attain some clarity of thought.
    Verbal attacks can leave one feeling unmotivated – I’m glad you have the strength of character to rise above.

  6. Liz, I think this strikes a chord with many, if not all of us. When such things happen, it just sucks the creative energy out of you. I can rationalize the pettiness of it when it happens to me, but the emotions don’t always get it. You sound like someone I would call friend. Life is too short for meanness. I hope writing this letter was healing. I suspect it was.

  7. Words cut deeper than knives and there is some truth in it.

    I try – and have to try very hard sometimes – to ignore these people. Like the immature children they are – they seek and desperately need attention. Ignore them and they’ll get bolder, noisier, nastier. Ignore them still and they’ll leave you and go elsewhere to feed their immaturity.

    Might not be the panacea for all — but works for some.


    • Eric, thank you. I am ignoring them. It is a large group. Only one recently attacked me. But it brought back memories from hell. I do know very, very well that I was being tested as I was to be exposed to to the horrors of the emotions of a number of veterans of war. My metal was being tested and I was just fine … finally when it was over. Just the memories were so unnecessary – ugh!

  8. I have never been able to reason myself out of feeling bothered and irritated and angry when people are being mean. I know all the reason for not being bothered but it still bothers me greatly when others have mean attitude towards me or someone I care about. It ruins my day. “Don’t let it ruin your day.” Well, it does. But one goes on.

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