You Need To Get Off Me … Now

This art work of Judith Clay’s is so very delightful and that really is the best word, whimsy and delight is what she seems to trade in. I get my skins and phone covers at Society6. This is the URL for her work. All of which I love. I need a skin for my MacBook Air 11 inch. So? Why not Judith? Only one of her pieces is large enough to accommodate the computer so I bought it and I will use the photo here. Below.


Judith Clay’s It’s An Elephant

It’s An Elephant Sitting Upon You
You need to
Get the hell
Off me – right now.

Do you not
Understand that
your upon my personage?

Will kill me
With your tonnage?
Let me up!

And I will climb
Your trunk and
Go into my house.

Your lovely whimsy
is squishing me.
Let me up.

And I won’t go!
I will stay
I will be your friend.

After all
you are bought
and paid for.

Oh yes, you cutie you.
You shall drape and dress
my computer.

Posted just for the fun of it – come have a drink with me at dVerse just for the sheer fun of it this Saturday night. Thanks Brian and Claudia.

11 thoughts on “You Need To Get Off Me … Now

  1. haha….get your tonage off of me….i am squished….i am glad you will stay and be a friend to him as well..elephants surely need friends….and it will be fun that you are carrying him around with you as well on your computer…smiles.

  2. Oh what fun, Liz!! I am sure it will be much fun to look at that elephant on your Macbook Air!! Better to have it on your computer than having its tonnage on top of you.

  3. ah, a happy ending for all concerned… especially you (i wouldn’t want to be sat upon by an elephant!) – but i was thinking all along, you quite liked the big fella 😉

    a lovely write, whimsical… just like the visual artist’s work

    • btw, ‘ve been meaning to mention how much i like the look of your blog, the header pic and blog colour gives me a great feeling of peace whenever i visit

  4. A worthy cover for your fabulous computer. Love the MacAir.

    Meanwhile, the artwork is absolutly charming and the poem is as well. Lots of fun in this post. Is there anything that is quite as cute as an elephant? Maybe a mouse …

    Be well, dear Liz …

  5. …that was a good choice for a skin… i would rather have it too… but Judith is so talented giving me such a hard time choosing which one can best fit my phones…. hmmnn… & oh, tell the elephant to be gentle in sitting upon your macbook… He doesn’t want to mess up with it…for sure… Ha… Smiles… Enjoyed it… Thanks Liz…

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