This prompt holds such meaning for me. It takes me back to the pinnacle of my youth. While everyone else was strung out on rock and roll I was slowly building a jazz library and visiting jazz spots in The Village. Jazz is my music! The first poem is not new. I wrote it in about 2008 while working on my Master’s in gerontology while taking a poetry class. I have the following two book cover photos in my library.


Frank and Me

I was just reading
He spoke of
The 5 Spot.
This is why I like him.

We were there
At the same time.
Could have been
The same day.
But he was somebody.

I did not yet know
My own body.
I used to think
That Thelonius Monk
Was the greatest
Living pianist
before he died.

Do you think that Frank
and I were
there together?
Sat next to each
There was such a smokey
Haze back then
who could see?

Our elbows may have
Maybe it is why
I write today.
A little inter-death
Personism jazzin’
Frank and me.




Cover Art Wikipedia

Lookin’ For Jazz

I am sixteen
Maybe seventeen.
In tight white

Jazzin to the beat,
down the street.
a jazzy

Growin up.

The Ninth Circle
East village or West?
Definitely West.
No matter
we swing!

We cool!
We swing to
the Beat!
We’re out!
Listen’n to the
the streets.

Who we

The doors open
we find a
spot to
A cheese burger
a beer.

The set starts
A primal beat
engenders heat.

Ramsey Lewis.
The man with the hands.
Eldee Young on bass
Red Holt on Drums.

The In Crowd.

The night is

It’s late
I leave with
All over me
in my head.

The Ninth Circle

Photo Credit

Wow! I did not expect to find this photo. Ha! I did not know that it lasted until 2002. 2002? That is a mind blower.

Can be found at dVerse

7 thoughts on “Jazzin’

  1. Oh you took me there – in those sharkskin pants – I remember the hurried pace, the humming, the deep connection to music, the Happening joy…….once I wandered into a tiny little off-street coffeehouse just because it was there, candles on the tables, people waiting quietly – only about 40 of us – small venue – and who should come out and BLOW US AWAY but the famous Paul Horn himself! Unbelievable that I literally stumbled upon that performance that evening. Later he traveled the world with his music. Wow. Sigh. Those were the days.

  2. ha. we cool we jazzin in the streets….pretty cool it brought back such personal memories for you of both time and place…i had a member of the eagles in my house before when i was in college…that was surreal….

    fixed your link too…smiles.

    • Loved your memories shared, Liz. I think you were living many of our dreams, being able to really hang around in Greenwich Village and experience REAL NYC jazz. Really enjoyed BOTH of your poems.

  3. Ah – same era as I was – just different places. O’Hara – wow cool so Eastern; he knew that place, actually everyone was there then. The cool, the famous, the artists, Wow! and I was in Baltimore when In Crowd came out and had been listening to Kenny Burrell and jamming with neighborhood teenagers. They eventually formed part of the band Starbuck. Would have loved hangin’ with you in the city. Good times, great music. Loved your work..Enlightening!

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