Moon Peace

Shouldn’t everyday be a peace day? Tomorrow is U.N. International Peace Day. I discovered this fact from “Into the Bardo – A Blogazine” I followed the links to Facebook where they have a page. St Louis, my home has a meet-up very close to home. I am ill and not able to attend but I can chose to meditate upon peace, pray for peace, hope for peace, participate in peace. Thank you Jamie for the heads up. And thank you Kerry from “Real Toads” for the prompt of the full moon inpart inspired by Neil Young’s: Full Moon Rising, to which I am listening now. The moon, especially when full has always held for me a very peaceful glow.

the time is now
the day is
the moon is

her largess
can blanket
in peace
do not go
to the moon
with war on
your mind
allow her to
this earth
in her glow
of white
her glow of
her peaceful
let the
full moon’s rising
initiate us each
into a peaceful
millennial way

is not
too late

the song of
in your heart
this day
allow the
to rise
with a
that works
for each country
for this globe
the “Full Moon’s

where there is
just a half
moon rising

allow justice
to prevail
under any moon’s

Shared at Real Toads and at dVerse.

25 thoughts on “Moon Peace

  1. It is never too late to hope for peace, and there are many things each of us as individuals can do to work toward peace in our own way…just as you are. I like these lines very much:

    let the
    full moon’s rising
    initiate us each
    into a peaceful
    millennial way

    I share your wish here, Liz!

  2. This is a lovely, wistful, yearning poem; not quite the ballad I was looking for, but if you bring it back to dVerse on UN International Peace Day it should fit in perfectly with the prompt.

    PS – if anyone asks, I didn’t tell you that … smiles

  3. smiles…the perfect poem for mary’s prompt tomorrow…hint.hint…smiles… the moon has something peaceful in her ragged beauty.. and it’s never too late for peace…good to remind ourselves…

  4. So beautiful, is moon peace – the reality and your wonderful poem. I especially harken to “do not go to the moon with war on your mind.” God, no. Leave us least the illusion of peace in the sky!!!!

  5. i like the thoughts the moon takes you to….a world without war woul dbe a wonderful place…and i think it would take something as large as the moon to get us there as well….could we accept a justice that would be in a world without war?

  6. Liz, this is lovely and I appreciate the shout out, but I am concerned to learn that you are not feeling well again. I hope today is a better day. Holding you in heart and prayer.


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