Words, Words, Words

With a nod to Yousei Hime who truly had an influence upon my haiku writing last winter … no, it was the winter before, when I was not able to do a whole lot else. I learned to truly enjoy one line haiku. So these four haiku are for the prompt at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads . Kind of stupidly I wrote the haiku incorporating words from the list before I paid attention to kigo … something that I now must do. The wordlist is from Patricia McGoldrick whose blog can be found here. Her word list from which poems were meant to be written follows the 4 haiku. Thank you Patricia for your prompt and hard work.

I am adding these words 1:57 PM 10/03/13, sort of for accuracy, I guess. 1,2, and 4 are haiku because their subjects are related to nature. 3 really is a senryu because it is like a haiku in form but as it is about human beings it is called a senryu.

with the death of weeds – wildflowers spring to life

snow laden cherry tree branches – shelter a chickadee

share sake and borrow laughter – to quench your tears

leaves turning color – make a painted fall fence

Patricia’s Word List

Neighbor / Neighbours



Barbecue Potluck

















20 thoughts on “Words, Words, Words

  1. I LOOOOOOOOOVE your last two!! (the most) They are all very lovely but the last two pinched my heart. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Liz,

    What I really fell in love with was this spectacular One-liner of yours.

    “share sake and borrow laughter – to quench your tears”

    What is the need to quench the tears if we need to borrow the antidote from elsewhere? Would such ‘borrowed laughter’ really serve? If tears exist in our core, they serve a purpose. So methinks we remain with our tears and the ‘teary’ perspective that they may offer.


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