Your Words Count – Thank you Rosemary

I just read Sherry’s interview of Rosemary Nissen-Wade over at Poets United. I love reading about fellow poets, about their lives, their loves, their writing. But this was a special read for me. It awoke me from a long sleep. It made me realize that I have been asleep spiritually for too long. Within my spiritual life it is the normal pattern for me to “live large” then take a nap. But I seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel.
I have not shared this with anyone but my husband hurt himself in April. He bent over, opened the oven door and something like lightening shot through his lower back. He has done many things to heal all to no avail. We have always been travelers and active people. Today he can do nothing. He works daily (something he does with great difficulty). I realize that now I am quite depressed about this life-change and that I must act upon that. So I have two things to do. I must reactivate my spiritual self and I must walk out of this depression.
Now do understand – these things have just now come to me. So I must think about it before I act. So if you ever think that your words do not affect others even on the Net – think again. Roesmary Nissen-Wade’s words have woken me up. And I am so grateful!

while walking the world
remember the many turns
autumn loneliness

So, I right my haiku. The last line initially was “to reach three sixty.” Those words fit both the syllable count and the “sense of poem.” But I then realized that there was no kigo. When writing haiku (something that I have not done for a while) kigo is important to me. “Autumn loneliness” is the kigo. It was also the first upon the autumn list something I thought rather cool.

P.S. Had a great but way too short time with my daughter.

19 thoughts on “Your Words Count – Thank you Rosemary

  1. autumn def brings the feelings to the forefront…i am sorry about your husbands injury…and we do have to mourn these things because they do change our life….and signal changes in the way we will live as well…its easy as well to fall asleep at the wheel of our spiritual lives….i have done it…hugs liz….

    • Hugs back my friend! I am just fine now and know exactly where to plant my feet. You are right about mourning. I have the background that should have signaled that response in me – but hearing it from a friend is equally as good if not better! Merci!

  2. Oh this is so cool, Liz. I love the way these online connections circle and inspire and awaken and remind us that what we write does have an impact. As your words ALWAYS do for me. I am so sorry about your husband’s injury – he must be in excruciating pain. I do hope there is something physio or the doctors can do to ease it.

    Sometimes it takes us a while to realize that we are grieving. Fall is definitely a time for recognizing the fleetingness of what time we have left. I feel it deeply.

    I am glad Rosemary tapped you with her wand. From my desk so far away I, too, am walking with you thru this autumn of our lives……….blessing be.

  3. Thank you so much, Liz, for this public acknowledgment. I am thrilled to think my words made such a difference to you. In the few years that I was my husband’s carer before he died, I kept up some basic spiritual practices, but was so immersed in all the practical requirements that I forgot about many things I am capable of. It is only now, over a year after his death, that I begin to remember, ‘Oh yes, I can do such-and-such’ – ironically, including things that might have helped him if only I’d had time to remember and implement them. But we can only do what we can. So I wouldn’t bash yourself up for being overwhelmed for a while; it’s great that you have ‘woken up’ again already.

    On the more mundane level, you might like to Google TENS machine. One of these little devices helped Andrew deal with severe pain and I know other people who say the same.

  4. Very moving post, Liz! Indeed there are so many connections here on the internet. And we never know really how we can affect one another….. Hope your depression lifts soon, Liz.

    • Mary, thank you – one just works at it doesn’t one. And I also count my blessings. One thing that I am especially grateful for is my internet community of which you are an important part. So, thank you!

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