Titum Arum

Shared at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads … challenge: The Language of Flowers.

This outrageous plant known as the Corpse Flower is rare, large and smells horrific, like a corpse. The Missouri Botanical Garden of world renown, due primarily to their research around the globe, is a treasure here in my city of St Louis. Although I did not see the actual blooming of this plant just recently – it surely does inspire! None of the photos were taken by me, they belong to The Missouri Botanical Garden website. But permissions appear to allow for private use. So with difficulty I downloaded them – the difficulty being that they kept changing. PLEASE go to their site and see this extraordinary plant. Here is the link:



scintillating bloom
you reek your way thru our lives
at once so lovely





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16 thoughts on “Titum Arum

  1. I find large flowers frightful.
    The large ones tend to smell not-so-wonderful. There’s a flower in our part of the world — Rafflesia — reeks of something awful too.

  2. this flower looks just awesome….ha…i’m glad you didn’t download the smell…but well – sometimes the beautiful and ugly lies close together – and it’s good that way..

  3. You know, I’d forgotten that I spent about five days in St. Louis a long time ago and enjoyed myself very much. A lovely city.

    I’ve read about this plant before, though I can’t remember where. So many interesting things in this wide world of ours, eh?

    Thanks for posting, Liz.

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