American Sentences … All In A Days Work.

1. I have known Allen Ginsberg since 1962, how could I not have known about his sentences?

2. I am really a slob, it feeds my need to always be cleaning up.

3. I really love many of the people whom I have met in my poetry world here on the Internet … even though they appear to disappear into thin air.

4. Why do we call it down sizing, I am not building under ground?

5.The human heart … not the pump, but the one that reaches across the ethers and touches us so deeply … yes, love it.

Join me for a drink tonight … over at The Pub … dVerse where we shall all speak in sentences, though maybe not all American. They surely will all be poetic and human.

14 thoughts on “American Sentences … All In A Days Work.

  1. Liz, I have no doubt that you REALLY knew Alan Ginsberg. I know what you mean about people in the blogosphere…but there ARE some who remain. Ya. that cleaning up thing. Who can understand it??? Good to see you, Liz.

  2. ha. the slob in me appreciates the you that cleans up…smiles.
    sad that so many people just disappear here on the net and we never really know what happened to them. so many in the last 6 years.

  3. oh i wish i had this inner need to clean up…it only hits me occasionally…smiles… wouldn’t it be cool to really have known ginsberg… those are wonderfully woven ..esp. loved the one about the human heart..

  4. Oh I really enjoyed these. So much of you, your insight, and your humor comes through in these. I am beginning to believe that these are some of the best vehicles for a poet to find his/her voice. Each set I have read has given me clearer pictures of the author or more detailed ones of poets I’ve been reading for a few years. Excellent work.

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