So …..

I have not actually been technically hacked … nonetheless I feel as though I have been hacked, spammed, whatever. My private space has been invaded in an uninvited manner. As a result I am going to close this blog and develop a new blog. I will get in touch with you when it is done. I will use a pseudonym. If Thanksgiving comes first – may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Liz

9 thoughts on “So …..

  1. THAT makes me GO BALLISTIC. Unfair! And it impacts us, too, who love your work. GRRRRRRRR. Keep me posted as to your url, kiddo, please. I cannot live without reading your work. I had a serious Spam problem once and it was MOST unpleasant. Which is why I moderate all comments earlier than seven days ago – they always go to the back pages… can also moderate each comment.

    • Mary, thank you. For this very moment with holidays and other things going on I think that I just need to put it on the back burner for a while.

      My blog is not sacred space by any means. And it is public. But it was a place where I could express myself without family finding me and then sending me gibberish in emails when they do not really know what they are talking about. So, at the moment I feel quite invaded. I don’t support a new blog will be any different. As a result the situation that I choose to live with will have to be one in which I am comfortable.

  2. Getting traffic to your blog comes with these problems. The more readers you have, the more spammers tend to attack. Too strict with your filters and you risk blocking off your legit commenters. I can understand how annoying it is to have to deal with all this.

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