More American Sentences

That the words of this sentence are capitalized is a formatting issue with Word Press.

I really enjoyed last years challenge from dVerse of writing one line poems. It is a bit like writing haiku without most of the rules. You wish to say more with less. You wish to catch the eye of the reader. You ask: “If it has meaning for me will it for the reader?” Then again does it really matter? After all for whom do we write ourselves or others? So on to American Sentences!

1) Doing a double take last evening while sitting in this very chair I realized that President Kennedy was sitting across from me as real as night or day.

2) As annoying as it might be to eat American persimmons, to do so with any degree of ease one must use a grapefruit spoon.

3) I prefer Japanese persimmons that are always juicy and succulent as opposed to the American variety that are flat, hard and dry.

4) While downstairs cooking, many sentences came to me only to be lost once back in the library (below) in front of my computer.

Library 2

5) I was making ratatouille when I poured in a whole lot of sweet vermouth (a whole lot) is it still ratatouille?

6) Well, I put that sentence to sleep – one cannot introduce and carry on an entire conversation in one sentence.

7) What the hell does “convo me” mean?

8) Yeah, I am going do bears I am definitely doing bears!


Remi & Sancho

9) Sure I know what you are thinking, teddy bears, a 67 year old woman?


Abernathy & Piquot

10) I discovered that teddy bears serve a very real purpose in this world something about which I shall write later.


Totu and no those are not his WWII medals.

And the rest of the folks:




Jurry (a Steiff)

Thank you Tony Maude at dVerse for your wonderful prompt.

12 thoughts on “More American Sentences

  1. smiles.. each of my kids got a steiff teddy from a special aunt when they were born.. there was this little sheep that i loved dearly… and ratatouille me thinks is still ratatouille…even with lots of vermouth… i LOVE ratatouille… it so tastes of summer… enjoyed your american sentences

  2. hahaha….love the trip…and yeah i need to write them down immediately or they leave me as well…i love all your teddy bears….i think you def should….pour enough in and it might become a mixed drink you know…hahah…def look forward to hearing the bears purpose too…smiles. have a great weekend!

  3. I do think teddy bears serve a purpose, Liz. I’ve had my own experiences with them as well that lead me to back up your opinion. I look forward to reading more!

  4. I agree with Claudia about the ratatouille and very much enjoyed each of your American sentences, especially “convo me”. It was a mystery and may have remained so if not for a teenager who simply rolled his eyes and said “google it”…and yet another noun becomes a verb in our ever evolving language. Feel free to conversation me anytime…I’m a very good listener.

  5. I love the whimsy in this post! With a lot of vermouth, it must have been REALLY GOOD ratatouille. Hee hee. And yes, bears – as many bears as you want….why not?????? I could LIVE in your library and never have to go into another room!

  6. I love ratatouille! so I second Sherry–it must have been REALLY GOOD…and yes, I’ve found myself standing in the kitchen with sentences popping in my head only to have them disappear when I can finally write them down…love your teddy bears, your study, and your sentences. Thank you.

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