At My Window

Looking out my window and seeing what I see. Shanyn asks us to do just that for a poetry prompt. After doing so, I could not help but be reminded of of a time several years ago when I looked out my window to be blessed with an owl.


Owls keep their distance from mankind being ever vigilant of all around them. This day was different. This Eastern Screech Owl provided one of the loveliest sites ever seen through a window. Belying his natural instincts he lands upon a window sill with just a pain of glass between him and humanity. He remained there for some time allowing numerous photos to be taken before flying off for a new perch.

nestling amongst the leaves – offers protection to many

Owl in TreeOne EyeHead On
Looking DownEastern Screech Side-2

Shanyn at dVerse thank you for a thoughtful post that after looking out my window, reminded me of looking out my window and capturing this little guy.

Posted too at Poets United’s Sunday Poetry Pantry and dVerse

24 thoughts on “At My Window

  1. omg. that is awesome! i love owls…and to have one so close…what pretty color as well…
    not sure he will protect the mice and voles…just saying…ha…
    wow…great pics liz…that is awesome!!!

  2. “pain of glass between him and humanity” I read this and think how we are hurt by our separation from nature, what an awesome gift! You were blessed with such proximity.

  3. Wow, wow and wow! You captured it beautifully, both by pen and photo. I have an owl that stops by now and again but I never have a camera when he or she appears. But yours is so beautiful! Wow again.

  4. …ah, what a lovely visitor, Liz… i am envious of the encounter… hope the new year is treating you well so far… been away for like 3 months or more… so sorry if you can’t leave your comments as well… i have disabled commenting from the past 3 months & have just brought it back for good… thanks for all your thoughtful words to me… it’s all genuinely appreciated… smiles… & brightest blessings to you!

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