Yesterday was so cool! It was cool because it gave me an answer 10 years in the making – one that I never really knew that I would get. I have spoken here off and on about a second spiritual experience that I had in 2005. More to the point I have spoken of the results. The results all were all very positive, very! I acquired a eye into the savage brutality of war, I experienced a degree of its pain, I worked with veterans. All in all good results wouldn’t
you say? Yes. I have mentioned this experience as being shamanic in nature. I have described to people, but to be honest it does lose something in the translation. Ah, then there are those who lived through the experience with me. And this is the cool part. I have always known several things about this experience:

1) Friends and family were very worried about the state of my mental health.
2) I hung on for dear life, knowing that I was really alright and that I was doing precisely what I was meant to do.
3) During this 6 week period there was ecstasy and there was agony. I don’t use these terms loosely. It was real.
4) People wished me to get help in the terms of an MD. I knew better and I am glad that I listened to myself. I sought assistance but from those who could help keep me grounded. I sought the assistance of a massage therapist and of an exercise therapist … to help keep me grounded.
5) Yesterday I watched a video in the NYT that I hope to embed below. It is called SLOMO. It is about a doctor who gave it all up for rollerblading. He describes his life of rollerblading. He then goes on to break down his joy in neurological terms. When he did that I knew that he was on to something. But more importantly, I knew that I was on to something. I now know that during that 6 week period in 2005 when I was so joyous, I was in reality high as a kite within my own brain. At that time I was going to the park and hard walking 6 times a day. The result was the same high that this doctor got from rollerblading. It is really, really good to know what happened and to know I was not crazy … as substantiated by the medical field. Click upon the link below and be mesmerized!


11 thoughts on “SLOMO

  1. What a fascinating video really, Liz. The man is definitely on to something. You talking about your hard walking 6 times a day reminds me of the summers I used to walk 5 – 10 miles a day oftentimes. There is something about that physical activity that feels GOOD indeed….deep inside.

  2. I could not stop smiling. This is incredible, and inspiring. I think it’s wonderful that you were able to attain that state of self-awareness and happiness. Thank you for sharing this. It will stay with me.

  3. I came back to watch the video and OMG, it is fantastic……he reminds me of a friend of mine who traded in his good paying job in the 1980’s, and lived on $700 a month from then on, in order to LIVE his life rather than just exist in order to work. LOVED this film. He makes me want to get on my bike and reclaim some of that adrenalin that you get when you pursue an activity of motion………thanks for this. I sent it to my friend, who will totally love it……

  4. smiles…i believe in what he is saying….we all have to find our way as well…and people will not always understand…and they will think we are crazy…and that is ok…but we do not need to answer to them…but to ourselves…

  5. Such a wonderful and thought provoking video … thank you so much for sharing this wisdom! As one on a personal path of reinvention … I have realized there is no daily joy for me … without movement … and preferably done outside … I am happy to hear … there are others that find moving in nature … a closer connection to the divine … for me … I can hear my heart and soul the clearest.


  6. You know I’m bipolar with PTSD. I take a ton of meds. I do go out and power-walk, as well as going to the gym, but I am wondering if, with THREE anti-depressants in my system and still fighting with my antimuse, “gremlindeep,” it might not be worth a try to let the doctor wean me off these in favor of this type of regime. Fascinating video…I have considered the above idea for a long while, not just because I watched SLOMO!! Nicely done, thanks. Amy

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