Jackie . . .

Jackie, you were so loved!  We miss you.  We know that you are with Patty running and jumping over clouds, playing endlessly in doggie heaven.


I remember as if it were yesterday, picking you up from The Humane Society in 2007.  We were told that you had been returned twice.  We were told you were 6 years old.  You were a large dog and that would have made you 18 years old when you died.  Not possible.


For many years you had a great back yard.  We also took you and your sister out to a wonderful grouping of clean vacant lots and tossed a frisbee.  You guys had a blast.  We took you there instead of Forest Park because we would have gotten a ticket and been told to leave the park.


Boy-Boy misses you.  And Poppy really misses you.  I miss you too old boy.  But we will all be together someday.

3 thoughts on “Jackie . . .

  1. Oh, it is hard to lose these loving souls. They leave an absence so big it becomes a presence, that we live with where they used to be. I remember the beautiful yard your dogs had, and hope they enjoyed the upstairs deck in your new place.

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