no fear

Photo from and poem linked to Magpie Tales; Touch of Evil.

i have seen evil before it crept up behind me
lurking about ready to reach out and grip me

had sense enough to say no
loathesome bad energy it was

ready to fierce yank me round the neck
wanting me for dinner food for its evil ways

i just opened my one good eye and scowled hard
once i’d turned round and i could see it

well that’s a lie it really came out of the computer
across the internet and tried to grab me round the throat

evil is real very real and generally but not always
comes in the shape of too many greedy people wanting more

this was a different sort of evil it was a group of internet
bullies doing their pathetic evil hurting others

i watched it happen so often ha then it was my turn
i am the sort who assists the underdog

i did so just getting myself in deeper
i learned and then they came after me

wow it was an exercise that taxed me for some time
bitches you know evil stupid people who just bully

so in came evil wow wham splat ouch
out came character strength tenacity faith friends

you really just don’t want to mess with me
i learned very young that i had no fear