International Women’s Day … Occupy Blogoshere

During the News Hour last evening we listened to a piece on the horrors of living in The Democratic Republic of Congo, for women. This story is for me not new and one of the saddest upon earth. The women of Congo have been caught in the middle of a decades old war over the rich resources and precious minerals beneath ground. These women are systematically raped, murdered and tortured as tools of war. There is a long history of kidnaping children in Congo and inducting them into armies. This is because children have no fear and no conscience and are therefore willing participants. Children soldiers turn into the men who commit these acts against women with absolutely no conscience. As a result this is a country filled with sociopathic men. Last night’s piece was about a physician and his wife who started Heal Africa. Heal is an acronym related to their work of rescuing and healing the women who have been the victims of these atrocities.

I have always known how lucky I have been being married to David. He said something last night during the News Hour story that he has said many time in the past. Precisely he said to me: “I know I have said this before but I will say it again and again; if you gave your foreign aid to the women of this world instead of the men, governments or agencies, many if not most of the problems that exist in the world today would cease to exist. Hunger, war, poverty and inequality would greatly decrease if not disappear all together. To that end on International Women’s Day I write this haiku.

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peace in each magnolia blossom held by woman