NaHaiWriMo May 17th Haibun and Haiku prompt: voice

During early summer evenings we love to sit high above the ground amongst the trees on our deck. We will have desert and a “nip” while we are mesmerized watching the Chimney Swifts or Swallows. True aerialists, they feed high above the trees on evening insects, their twittering vocals sometimes shrill and keen. A true bug-fest that ends as the sun goes down. Then all becomes calm and the insects begin their song.

swallows twittering above the foliage – last meal of the day

Photo Credit: Photobucket

Haiku (own voice – the real prompt)
summer evening singing – sounding like an old vacuum cleaner

NaHaiWriMo Haiku Prompt for May 15 … Rose

The word rose is being used to represent the heart chakra … it is also a summer Kigo or season word. I think that I have read somewhere that one should only use one kilo in a haiku. I think. Of course that is not particularly helpful since I don’t know.

climbing rose vine – soft red petal pathway

NaHaiWriMo May 7th Haiku and Haibun Prompt: Fear

Mr. Takahashi was an Japanese immigrant in the US when WWII broke out. He desired citizenship which is why he served in the Merchant Marines for four years. But this did not help him in his goal. He joined the US Army, was taken prisoner of war in Japan. Yet when the war was over and he returned home … no citizenship. A congressman stepped in and got him his citizenship. He became a doctor serving US veterans of WWII. He and his family returned to Japan to visit … his tears did not stop flowing.

prisoner of war returns to japan – mixture of sweat and tears

NaHaiWriMo – May 6th prompt: the Sea and Magpie Tales


Haiku – for NaHaiWriMo

barefoot in the sea – hermit crab tickles my foot


Gogyohshi – for Magpie Tales

serene and scenic the river is peaceful

i dangle my toes into the water’s coolness

i know that today is for thinking of peace

i wonder

will there ever be peace in sudan

Photo of Stainforth River by Irwell prompt for Magpie Tales



NaHaiWriMo – May 5th Haibun & Haiku prompt: Intimacy


I met a young lady this evening while dining with friends.  She was fifteen.  She was strong out of necessity.  She had a mother who did not care, nor did she demonstrate any sense of caring.  I knew that there was a terrible lack of intimacy in her life.  I was deeply saddened for her.  We spoke a good bit.  I saw myself in her when I was her age … however she was emotionally more, more what?  I will say “more with it” as I cannot pass the judgement of her being more emotionally mature than I at that age.  We connected and I hope that I can keep that connection.


large spring moon -an intimate moment shared by all