NaHaiWriMo April 2nd Prompt: Rain

gentle spring rain – flowers vibrant foliage full

I looked through many photos for one of rain. Of course, then remembering that I don’t hang out in the rain taking photos … I started looking for a wee bit of gentle rain left upon flowers and foliage. I remembered Kuchi Rumi high in the Andes in Peru. This magnificent place that we spent 3 nights recuperating in, has lovely cabins on grounds that were so beautifully planted that one would never forget them. They were abundant with flora.  We were recuperating from the high altitudes of of La Paz … about 13,000 FT. above sea level.  Might I say nauseatingly so … pun fully intended.  They also had a rather unique visitor. Unique in that it came by in large quantities, Hummingbirds everywhere. I did find an early morning photo with remnants of a gentle rain.

Sunday Trees & Haiku

fog reshaping trees – shrouds of spring mist

This month of April we are prompted to pay attention and utilize traditional “kigo” words in our haiku. There are what I shall refer to as banks of kigo words to draw from. Today’s word translated into English, that I have chosen is “spring mist.” The photo came first. I walked out upon my deck mid-level with the trees to find myself enshrouded in fog. I thought again about “Sunday Trees” and took the photo … one to be used for both Sunday Trees and April 1st’s haiku.  Sunday Trees are a tradition begun by Isabel Doyle of Written In Exile and shared in by myself and Becca Givens of On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea as a tribute to the importance of trees.