there are times

there are times
in the dwindling
of the day
when I no longer
think of you
what your warmth
could be
don’t need
for I feel you
in my heart
shaped bones
for all times
feel you in
the curve of
my hand like
sending fire
down my spine
the light gone
bled out into
night softness
curls me now
how felt it is
a bit like leaves
on the move
without the wind
the single leaves
fondling air
one day I will
touch you
we will melt
and just
not be there

Placed at dVerse Poetry Pub OpenMikeNite.

Change and Reminiscences

Photo Credit: MorgueFiles
Sydney Opera House

I find that I am often late to the bar.
Too late for Mr. Linky, to late to join in the fray.

Last week I read the most wonderful of sentences,
it was a quote, by Jacqueline Kennedy.

She spoke of being odd man out wherever she went.
She was the oddball, never really accepted.

Her words thrilled me. I read them over and pondered.
She was just like me; I knew exactly how she felt.

So will you think it odd of me to share a life lived long ago?
And remember … this is Claudia’s doing.

Not to beleaguer the point but Claudia has written a marvelous poem of Paris
within which I reminisced.

I love Paris. In this lifetime I have been there twice.
But that first visit, its poignancy was just too much.

For so long I had longed to go back.
That longing coming from another lifetime lived so long ago.

I am particularly partial to the early twentieth century.
I can recall so many friends from that time. It is so real that it is like yesterday.

I have so many feelings that come to me when I think about my life during that time.
It is so real.

I wanted to sit next to Hemingway at the bar in the Ritz as we had done so long ago.
I couldn’t wait to meet up again with so many old friends. I would visit Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare and Company.

You do know don’t you that she sold nothing but books printed in English. However her great love,
Adrienne Monnier sold books printed only in French.

They were such a team. I loved visiting them.
Sylvia always invited me in for tea, this meant meeting new and exciting authors. I met Joyce. What a strange duck.

My library is currently filled with the biographies and autobiographies of those friends. I have always kept them around me.
Nathalie Clifford Barney threw the wildest of parties. Romaine in the background quiet, Gertrude and Alice the center of attention.

It bothered me, the rift between Hemingway and Gertrude for they had been such very good friends.
But here I go reminiscing again. Thinking about lives past, missing old friends.

On our first trip to Paris in ninety-four David said to me: “I expect you to remember places that you visited in the 20’s.
You know, I did not remember a thing. There was not even a sense of familiarity. It was really disappointing.

Now Claudia has reared her head again with a wonderful prompt for the New Year.
What better a prompt than change?

My change for the New Year will be to commit myself to a project.
I need to do something with my mother’s WWII scrapbooks.

I will place each photo and each piece of paper into an archival sleeve
and I will catalogue all that is contained there in.

I will not however give up poetry. It is too close to my soul.
And yes, I will write more memoire. I will write.

Though this is not a change, I will express much gratitude for the life that I live.
So saying; Happy New Year to all, Happy Changes. You will do it, I know. It will be splendid.

You will find us over at dVerse Poetry Pub in Changes and Turns

feel it

Yesterday was such a joyful day for me, my was heart full all day. I am so lucky, so blessed by others, others who truly care and go out of their way to let you know. They take the time to step outside of themselves and express care for you. Is there anything more important than caring for others and being able to express that caring?

I have not always felt deeply. I had to get out of my own hell to do that. But I was apparently quite determined to get out of that hell (long ago) and to feel deeply. Feeling deeply is about others, it is not about you. Feeling deeply is the capacity to feel the pain of others and then (because you care) to act upon it.

I have run into wonderful people, artists and poets who have the capacity to feel deeply, as expressed clearly in their work. In many ways their collective caring is a testament to man/womankind. Our prompt today at deVerse Poets “Poetics.” was from Brian and SueAnn. SueAnn’s art is very moving, it is filled with joy. Brian’s work is moving as you all know. The prompt today comes from him and it is to chose one of SueAnn’s paintings. I chose the one below that I find to be exquisite. However, I read Brian’s poem before doing any writing on the prompt – SO – this is kind of a mixed or double prompt of Brian’s poem and SueAnn’s art. We are at deVerse Poets today, Through The Artist’s Lense with wonderful artwork to choose from all created by SueAnn at SueAnn’s Journey. Please visit her work it is a real joy and will bring you joy.

one more step along the way to anywhere
each step today a giant step for mankind

thank you john glen i am not really stealing your words
you noticed didn’t you that I said anywhere not nowhere

there is such power in words
after reading today the terrible words the ugly words

of brians poem words that made me grit my teeth
but good and true words real art of depth

words and art words are art words that make you feel
art that makes you feel like sueanns art gave me a wow feeling

i am going to switch the subject here a bit
dont skip a beat just follow what i say

feeling is the most important thing that you can do
i say that like an ultimatum and i mean it

i call it feeling deeply something we are taught not to do
we are taught the opposite which is not to feel at all

some feel but it is not enough you must feel deeply
feeling deeply is what many artists and poets do

you know when you read their poems or see their paintings
you know because they evoke within pain or joy or ecstasy

feeling deeply is what we each wish to do
but yeah but it takes willingness vulnerability

feeling deeply will give you empathy and deepen your work
whether with a computer a brush or paint or quill

you can go anywhere when you feel deeply
if you have allowed yourself to feel deeply

it doesn’t hurt again for you have gone somewhere with another
in their pain out of your own step by step with them

holding a strangers hand holding their pain
you no longer have any and you are free

you are free your words are free your paintings are free
your work comes from your soul now

now it will touch the world and reach hearts
now it will make a difference its a good thing

martha stewart i am not stealing your words either
so feel feel deeply touch the heart of another

it lightens the load for you for the other
really its nothing but a baby step each day

one more step along the way to somewhere
each step you take today a giant step for mankind because you feel it

140 – The Mag – October 21st 2012

What a fascinating prompt from Tess at The Mag! Wow! I really look forward to how others respond to this prompt. To be found at Magpie Tales or The Mag.

The Eye

for me
it started in
seventy three
yes a conspiracy
i had become
mind you

it was the year
was published
i was hooked
it was good
it was bad
it was not the

was the beginning
in the twenties
with rockefeller
he and bilderberg
or was that the

greedy pigs
carlyle group
the cfr
today led
by a high school
of my husbands

the evil eye
the eye of god
what is it

all those links to
the new world order
the canadian us mexican pipeline
the nau
one standard
one currency
no standards
no currency

i know its real
but today
i am not sure
that I can
be bothered
there is too
more in life
to focus upon
that is good

dVerse – Mary’s challenge of Shakespeare’s Seven Life Stages (reinterpreted).

I wish to thank Mary for a challenging and very interesting prompt. An exercise to approach and view, create and review the seven stages of man/woman – according to Shakespeare. Though, to be made uniquely your own, to be done here through haibun. Shared at dVerse Poets Pub “It’s About Time.”

The Seven Stages

Middle Aged

I have long believed that we started out as soul. We enter the womb and begin changing from all soul to souled flesh and bone. As the balance changes from soul to flesh and blood we are ready to enter the world.

soul like autumn wind
worlds away another galaxy
milkweed pods open

A babe is born with cries so self centered and coos so sweet. There is much difference between selfish and self-centered. The new born knows nothing but its own center. Selfish is something that is done from another stage of life. Exploring everything within and without is now the focus. The best thing that one can do is put it in ones mouth.

pod bursts exploding
seeds travel many places
food for chickadees

Youthfulness meant playing in the sun, looking for frogs, going to school, building a fort. There was a time when this was innocence before we made it a competition. Today youth is a competition whether in football, as a cheerleader, skiing or just for better grades. Youth was now. Today it is tomorrow.

bananas hanging
from a tree green yellow brown
picked eaten gone

They say: “Ah to be young again.” I don’t know why, I surely do not wish to raise children again. I know the young have no time, with kids going here and there in an endless stream of activities. Work while not at home, an arduous balancing act of multi tasking. No time for oneself, a hot bath once a small thing now such a luxury.

caterpillar crawling
tomorrow a butterfly

Middle age still a squall, a proving ground for some. Onward and upwards, will you ever get there, is enough ever enough? So little time to become, become what or whom?

basho traveled far
issa laughed much with life
buson painted life

On being old; the body falters. At first an embarrassment, then an annoyance, then who cares? You roll with the punches. Everything surrounding you becomes at once more beautiful and at once more deadly. Many are glad for life. Many are glad for age.

son helping his father
taking his arm walking uphill
who is the father who the son

Now elderly, we are getting closer to soul again, closer again to God as our flesh dries and our bones crack. It can be painful but welcome. Have we yet acquired the wisdom of a lifetime? For wisdom is all that we have to pass on to those who come after; wisdom the teachings on how to live with more ease.

like the drying grape
dropping to the ground juicy
sweet new wine to drink

DISCLAIMER – no use of a kigo in any of these seven haiku.

Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday October 11, 2012

Sometimes all it takes is seeing the positivity of another to bring back to the surface of ones own soul his or her own positive side.

100 Thousand Poets for Change is an organization filled with positive energy that stretches around the world. Today it includes musicians.

I had lost this information due to a computer glitch and thus I had forgotten about the site. I am lucky enough to be connected to another poet here in my own town who is a part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Her blog moonbridgebooks is a blog filled with among other things helpful information for those who write. Her blog can be found here.

There is another blog that I have discovered that is filled with beauty and wisdom that I wish to pass along to anyone searching for either. The blog is called: GinGetz

As always many thanks to Amy at Soul Dipper for making the positive Thursday Occupy Blogosphere possible.