Door or Entry Ways of China

I was deeply touched by something that Ann Emerson wrote this AM at Into the Bardo.  It was just a few words of one line of her poem “Keeping Watch.”  The words are: “may our gratitude for another new day be unprecedented and contagious.” 

I have always been inspired by doors or entryways … places that people pass through.  For me a doorway is a metaphor.  Perhaps one enters as one person and comes out on the other side as a different person, even a new person.  Following are photos of entryways encountered in China.  When I look at them I think about all of those who have passed through these doors before me.  I think of the sadness or happiness the “passers through” had known.  I think of ritual.
Ritual can be a healing practice, it can be public or private, large or small.  Perhaps with each passage that I make through a doorway I can practice gratitude.  I notice of late that I do not practice enough gratitude.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I believe that this is a good idea.   
These photos were taken in Beijing, Xian, the Great Wall and The French Concession (of Shanghai) in 2006.