Sunday Trees October 21st 2012

This was taken during the winter of 2011 in Forest Park. The trees leaves are gone and the birds have long since flown from the nest. But often they or another will come back the following spring and reinvigorate the nest with life anew just as the tree produces new life as the branches leaf out.

Produced in concert with Becca

Sunday Trees – October 7th 2012

It is quite lovely to start one’s day off thinking of trees. I take tree photos when out and about and then stash them for Sundays. And then I forget all about them. Now I shall go looking for a tree, one made especially for today, a bright sunny crisp fall day. I took this last spring as we perused the Japanese Garden, a place we both love dearly. You know the saying “women hold up half the sky?” This tree possessed that sort of strength to me. I thought that it would make a good “Sunday Tree” for that reason. Look close and you will see all of the new growth, fingers holding up the sky. Isn’t she lovely?

Japanese Black Pine – Missouri Botanical Garden

Sunday Trees – With Heron

Just the idea today of Sunday Trees begun by Isabel, carried on at times by myself and carried on faithfully by Becca, makes me feel good ,,, a part of the world and those who care about it. This is not the first Bald Cypress from Forest Park that I have used as a Sunday Tree and it won’t be the last.

Trees are so important to our lives for so very many reasons. Not the least of which is they show us the beauty that can be found in God’s Glory. Below is a Black Crowned Night Heron sitting one summer not long ago in a Bald Cypress in Forest Park. Trees have always made me so very happy … my entire life.

Sunday Trees June 24th …

are you a tree hugger one of those who can’t stop talking about trees

i used to be a real tree hugger releasing a days bad energy down the trunk into the earth

those were healthy days for me for it worked
i was around much illness then working with those dying so sadly

dying so horrifically from aids
i needed that tree during my lunch hour hugged it and let it all go

i love trees often i can relate to each tree that i see knowing its importance
this is in great part what is wrong with urban america

we are no longer close in proximity to nature or trees
we have cut too many down and are resultantly ungrounded uprooted

i am going back to my trees
i am going back to my birds

they will make me well again
i will be able to breath again

This is a naturally upended stump in the forest at Lake Wasatch in Indiana, a lovely place that we go with the family the weekend after Labor Day Weekend.

June 17th Sunday Tree – Japanese Black Pine – Gratitude

Sometimes there are good people who touch your life in a spiritual manner.  You meet them on line.  Their goodness effects you in such a manner that they touch you spiritually.  Their combined spirit has the power to draw your spirit back, as it had been wandering about lost for a bit.
Those persons who have done this are important to me for unknowingly (or knowingly) they have assisted me in regaining my true sense of spiritual self through their own large and loving spirits.  We can always learn from others be it through their actions or writings.  This Sunday Tree is a thank you to Sherry, Jaime, Jeannie, Becca, Ravenblack, Brian and Amy.
It is dedicated to Isabel who started the idea of Sunday Trees and who I have missed … she has not been on her blog since April, I believe.

Sunday Trees & Haiku

fog reshaping trees – shrouds of spring mist

This month of April we are prompted to pay attention and utilize traditional “kigo” words in our haiku. There are what I shall refer to as banks of kigo words to draw from. Today’s word translated into English, that I have chosen is “spring mist.” The photo came first. I walked out upon my deck mid-level with the trees to find myself enshrouded in fog. I thought again about “Sunday Trees” and took the photo … one to be used for both Sunday Trees and April 1st’s haiku.  Sunday Trees are a tradition begun by Isabel Doyle of Written In Exile and shared in by myself and Becca Givens of On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea as a tribute to the importance of trees.