The Mag – 139 October 14th 2012

What a cozy, warm and safe place this feels. Perhaps it is all the light within, all the dark without. This marvelous photo simply made me feel secure, warm, content – but made me a woman of few words.

Thanks again to Tess at The Mag for a marvelous and unique prompt.

Midnight Snack, 1984, by Curtis Wilson Cost


my cabin
at the end
of the
at the ends
of the earth
my home
and my haven
nothing is perfect
like all good
there is a danger
there is an
edge that you
do not wish
to fall off of
as long as you
remain on top of
the world
as long as
you stay away
from the edge
you will be
drink a cup
of tea
curl up
with kitty
open a box
of chocolates
stay warm
stay safe
be sane
you deserve
this and so
do i
please say